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The Cleaning Services Awards is an international trade association dedicated to promoting the best cleaning services in the world. Our goal is to recognize, honor and reward the very best cleaning companies in each of the major cleaning industry segments and to promote professionalism and excellence.  It is given out by the Better Business Bureau. It’s the only national honor awarded to businesses and individuals for their outstanding achievements in promoting and protecting consumer rights. The BBB provides awards for four categories: advertising, complaints, investigative reports and website design/content. These awards recognize businesses and individuals who have made a meaningful difference in the lives of consumers.

What is it mean?

The cleaning services award recognizes excellence in customer service through superior cleaning standards and processes, in addition to outstanding business ethics, and the best possible relationship with their customers. This award program is one of the longest running in the world and has become the standard by which all cleaning companies are measured

 How do I find this award?

Find a cleaning services award in your state (or province) that is affiliated with your local chamber of commerce. These are often found in hotels and resorts or restaurants that are recognized by the association. They often offer business-to-business referrals for local cleaning services.

What are some of the categories of awards for cleaning services?

Cleaning services include the following categories: Commercial Cleaning Awards, Housekeeping/Cleaning Services Awards, Commercial Cleaning Contractor Awards, etc. There are also awards for janitorial services, office cleaning, office equipment cleaning, industrial cleaning, window cleaning, etc. To get a sense of which award or awards you might qualify for, check with local business journals, trade organizations, or any number of online resources, such as:,,

What are some of the benefits of cleaning services awards?

The benefits of a cleaning service awards can be both personal and professional, and can be used to entice people to use the cleaning service and keep using them. Some of the personal benefits include the opportunity to improve one’s quality of life and the opportunity to help someone else. Many cleaning companies have employees who use their service awards to encourage customers to keep using them. The cleaning service awards can be very beneficial for your business.

Why this Awards Matter

Cleaning service awards matter because they offer recognition to cleaning services that meet certain criteria. They are like “prestige badges” that signal to consumers that a particular company is doing things the right way, making them more likely to patronize that company. When a customer walks into a store and finds a sign advertising a clean facility, they are more likely to take the time to read it. Then they are more likely to return to that store again. Same thing applies to a cleaning service award. If a cleaning service has an award for being “best of” or “most reliable” it indicates that it’s committed to its customers, and that’s something consumers can respect.

What to Do to Win the these Awards

The Cleaning Services Awards are a huge platform for any cleaning company to shine and gain attention. The awards cover almost everything related to the cleaning industry – so if you want to stand out, you need to be involved. There are categories for Best Residential Services, Best Commercial Services, Best Specialty Services, Best Non-Profit Services, Best Website Development, Best Technology, Best New Business and more. The winners are picked and announced every year.


In conclusion, A cleaning service award recognizes businesses who provide exemplary service to their customers. These awards are given to cleaning services providers based on certain criteria. They are awarded for outstanding performance and client satisfaction. Companies are also recognized for their outstanding employee and management programs. In the case of cleaning services awards, the awards go to companies that have excellent customer service. These awards are usually given at events such as trade shows, expos, and conferences.


1. How can I apply for the award?

To apply for the Cleaning Services Award, visit

2. How do I submit my entry?

To enter the Cleaning Services Awards, simply send your completed entry form with your entry fee to: Cleaning Services Awards, ICRC, 1025 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

3. What are the criteria for the awards?

There are five criteria for the awards: customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness, service quality, safety and health, and environmental stewardship.

4.Who can enter the Awards?

Any company, individual, or organization may enter the  Awards.

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