Snap says its TikTok competitor Spotlight had 100M MAUs in January, two months after its launch, and receives an average of 175K video submissions daily. ( Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge)

Snap says Spotlight received an average of 175K video submissions per day and had 100M MAUs in January — two months after its launch. Snap says the app was “designed for sharing personal moments that matter to you,” and “brings you closer to the people that matter to you.” Snap also says that the app is built on “a set of technologies designed to create the most social experience,” including artificial intelligence that can learn from your photos and videos. It claims to offer “more professional content” and a more stable experience—and it certainly does seem like a promising platform for influencers to take advantage of.

What is a Spotlight?

On January 3rd, Snap released a blog post announcing the company’s newest acquisition, a short-video app called Spotlight. According to the blog post, the startup will be part of Snap’s content creation efforts and will be used to “support Snap’s shows and original content.” Although the acquisition was made in December, Snap only publicly announced it on January 3rd, which suggests the deal was finalized sometime in December. The app launched in December of 2018 and received an average of 175K video submissions per day, according to Snap’s data. Spotlight is a website feature that allows you to highlight specific items on your site. Think of it like the “share buttons” you see on many places—they allow visitors to share content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. With Spotlight, you can add a link that makes a single product stand out from the rest.

 Why does Spotlight have a massive user base? 

If you’ve ever used Spotlight, you’ve experienced the power of simplicity. It’s fast and beautiful and makes finding content on your iPhone or iPad simple. But that’s just the beginning. Spotlight lets you search through all the apps on your device, including those hidden in folders. Spotlight is always working to provide relevant results, so you never have to worry about accidentally stumbling upon something you didn’t mean to see. And because Apple has made it easy to contribute to the Spotlight index, it’s become a hub of content from around the web.

 What is a Spotlight secret to success? 

The secret sauce behind Spotlight’s success isn’t a secret — it’s really simple: the best search engine ever created. Google knows all about being the best search engine ever created — so what makes Spotlight stand out? Spotlight is free, has fewer ads, and doesn’t have to compete with Google regarding relevance. Spotlight does this through a simple but effective formula: It builds a reputation based on its ability to deliver quality results. Spotlight doesn’t spend any money on marketing; it makes a good reputation as a trustworthy provider of quality search results and uses that to attract new customers.

 How does Spotlight beat its competition?  

One of the keys to the company’s success is that it uses its social network to communicate with customers. Its team members are “Spotlighted”—their names are linked to a product or service. This allows them to communicate with customers directly and answer questions quickly. The Spotlight Method uses one very specific personalization to get people to take action and convert more. The method relies on what’s called a “spotlight.” It’s a simple tool for helping you focus your attention and efforts on what’s important to you. You can use it in three ways. It also makes sure the content you find is relevant to what you’re searching for. And it lets you easily share what you find with all your social networks, ensuring they’ll see what you’ve been up to and find it useful.


In conclusion, “Spotlight” was the second-largest live-streaming platform globally by the number of users in January 2018, after China’s TikTok, according to data from App Annie, a provider of information and insights on mobile apps. The app, which was launched in June 2017, is owned by a unit of Chinese internet conglomerate ByteDance. In October, Snap said it was launching a new app version aimed at teens and young adults in the US, Canada, and Australia.


 1. What does Snap say about Spotlight? 

Snap says Spotlight has 100 million monthly active users and receives an average of 175,000 video submissions per day.

2. How does Spotlight work? 

Users can send photos and videos to other users. Users can add text to their pictures or videos and share the images with friends.

3. How many users are on Spotlight? 

As of July 2018, Spotlight had over 1 billion monthly active users and over 100 million daily active users.

4. How does Spotlight make money? 

Spotlight generates revenue through advertising.

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