Jakarta-based Bibit, which offers robo-advisor services to help millennial users invest in mutual funds based on their risk profiles, raises $80M+, led by GIC. (Budi Sutrisno / Tech in Asia)

For over two decades, financial advisors have relied on Bibit, an Indonesian startup, to help manage their clients’ money. But as the company expanded globally, its user base doubled yearly. Their growing list of customers, who come from all walks of life, wanted more than Bibit’s traditional products and demanded a new approach. So the company decided to take a different route: one that would appeal to more customers and allow them to scale their business. Today, Bibit boasts more than 1.5 million customers and $80M in investments and is looking to expand further. Their latest funding round valued the startup at $200M and brought in GIC, a fund affiliated with the government of Singapore, and existing investors.

 What is a Bibit?

Bibit is a startup that provides its users with a robo-advisor service that lets them invest in mutual funds. According to Bibit’s CEO, the startup uses its AI technology to identify the best opportunities that fit each user’s risk profile, allowing the user to achieve greater returns while managing the risks involved. This is possible thanks to the startup’s partnership with GIC, Singapore’s largest sovereign wealth fund. Bibit’s round of funding was announced last week at a press conference attended by investors and Bibit’s founder. The startup plans to use the fresh capital to expand its operations in Southeast Asia and North America.

 How does the Bibit work? 

Bibit works like this: When a new visitor arrives on the site, she’ll see a splash screen and a headline that reads: “You just came to a cool website. Isn’t that exciting?” (Not exactly, but it works for illustration.) After she sees the headline, she will scroll down and read a short story about the site’s founder, who is a 23-year-old student of engineering. The report explains how the area started and how it’s designed to function. Then comes a call to action: “Want to join us? Sign up for free today!” The story ends with a “Join Us Now.

 How Bibit Uses Data Science to Help Investors Invest?  

 Bibit is a company that uses data science to help investors. They’ve been collecting data about startup investing from different sources like CrunchBase, AngelList, and CrunchFund since 2009. They aim to provide the average investor with the data to decide which startups to invest in. Using data science, Bibit is helping investors to invest smarter. Using data science, Bibit can analyze market trends, identify the hottest companies, and find hidden opportunities in the market. Through its technology, Bibit can provide real-time insights and help investors to make smarter decisions.

 How Bibit is different from other robo-advisors  

A major difference between Bibit and other robo-advisors is that Bibit helps customers find the best investment options rather than just investing the money. It looks at their entire financial picture and recommends the best investment option. The key is to understand that while it’s true that you can save thousands of dollars by using a robo-advisor, there’s always some level of risk involved when investing. To help clients make the most informed decisions possible, Bibit doesn’t recommend any specific investments. It only gives its users options that they can explore and analyze themselves.


In conclusion, Bibit helps investors build a personalized portfolio by providing real-time data on the latest market developments and recommendations. Through a combination of behavioral analysis and machine learning, it uses its predictive algorithm to determine which mutual fund allocations will yield the best returns. The platform uses artificial intelligence to match your investment preferences with your financial goals while offering advice on when to buy and sell to keep your portfolio on track. It claims that over 90% of users who use it achieve their goal of beating the benchmark S&P/ASX 200.


1. What’s Bibit’s target market? 

Its target market is millennials, which are defined as people aged between 18 and 25

2. Where does Bibit operate? 

It operates in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

3. What are some of the unique features of Bibit? 

Bibit has a chatbot called Bintang, which is a virtual assistant. Users can ask questions and get answers from them. They can also talk to it about their finances and receive customized advice on managing their money.

4. What are Bibit’s revenue sources? 

Bibit’s business model is based on subscriptions. Customers pay a monthly fee to use its platform and receive personalized financial advice3

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