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Incredible Frankfurt Hidden Gems

Frankfurt is more than skyscrapers and banks; its streets are filled with intimate corners that showcase Germany’s rich culture and traditions.

Romerberg, a charming square that serves as city hall, should definitely be on your travel bucket list. Perfect for quick picnics and enjoying some local weiss beer. Cathay Pacific will give you easy access to the city, including many rare routes, like the one taking you from Taipei to Frankfurt.


The Palmengarten (German for “Palm Garden”) is one of Frankfurt’s hidden treasures that offers stylish refuge from its hectic streets. Amid lush greenery and exotic plants and trees, this garden provides an exquisite oasis for relaxation – not to mention special events from garden shows to summer concerts! A popular place in Frankfurt to unwind and take photos, as well as admire its gorgeous surroundings, it makes the Palmengarten one of its top spots.

The Garden has been open since 1871 and features an exotic array of global flora. Spanning 22-hectares, the park is divided into several sections such as Tropicarium Humid Tropics, Rock and Heather Gardens and Goethe Garden to represent specific climate zones around the globe. Furthermore, numerous greenhouses display species from fog deserts, mangrove swamps and monsoon forests within its greenhouses; additionally the Palmengarten offers topical guided tours as well as exhibitions.

If you plan on visiting Palmengarten, it’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes and bring a camera.

Nature enthusiasts and horticulture enthusiasts must visit Palmengarten. Though open year-round, spring and summer tend to offer the best weather. But you may see flowers blooming throughout the year!

Cafe Karin, an intimate cafe offering delectable cakes and coffee, is another hidden gem in the center of town. A favorite among locals, you’ll find it near Alte Flugplatz Bonames. With its central location and cozy ambiance, Cafe Karin provides the ideal retreat from city life – an excellent spot for lunch or coffee breaks in an oasis-like atmosphere – plus you can even sit outside to soak up some sun.

The Main Tower

Frankfurt, the beating heart of Germany’s financial hub, boasts much more than skyscrapers and concrete banks. This charming city known as Main-Hattan offers an exciting blend of historical gems and contemporary highlights that await discovery by visitors of all kinds – art lovers, travelers and anyone seeking unique experiences will all find something captivating about Frankfurt! Additionally, visitors can use this platform as an excellent place for taking photographs and appreciating nighttime lights around them.

Alongside breathtaking vistas, the tower offers an amazing restaurant and lounge on its 53rd floor. This culinary hotspot features an innovative set menu sure to please the palettes of connoisseurs, while being known for its outstanding interior design.

Main Tower offers incredible panoramic views over Frankfurt while also being home to some of its top attractions, including Stadel Museum – an art showcase showcasing works by some of the world’s renowned artists – an absolute must visit for art enthusiasts!

Looking to escape the bustle and noise of city living? Consider visiting Taunus Mountains. This scenic region features charming hiking trails and romantic castles, while offering plenty of great shopping spots such as trendy boutiques and unusual stores.

Goethe Haus

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s home is an architectural gem and must-visit for literary enthusiasts. Following World War II, meticulous restoration efforts recreated its 17th-century setting that inspired Goethe’s famous works; visitors can view original furniture and family paintings that provide insight into Goethe’s life and works.

Don’t miss Goethe Haus when visiting Frankfurt if you are an avid literature reader; it offers the unique opportunity of getting up close and personal with one of Germany’s most revered literary figures. While wheelchair accessible tours may not be offered, an experienced guide will ensure your visit at Goethe Haus will be memorable.

Frankfurt’s diverse personality becomes apparent once you look beyond its financial facade. From literary history at Goethe Haus to performance at Alte Oper, Frankfurt offers something for everyone.

Romerberg’s old town is another delightful surprise well worth discovering, boasting its 1405 town hall and faithful replicas of half-timbered houses that will transport you back in time. St. Nikolai Church and Fountain of Justice add historic charm, while strolling down Klappergasse will unveil a statue depicting Frau Rauscher, an eccentric German from sometime-or-another who would unabashedly steal apple wine from passersby!

Are you keen on discovering more of Frankfurt’s lesser-known gems? Consider joining a guided walking tour. There are various companies offering such tours of its historical sites – like Main Tower – led by knowledgeable guides who will share stories and anecdotes about past and present life here. Alternatively, use an app like GPSmyCity as your personal tour guide; download it for free offline use with no data plan required!

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Bolongaro Garden

Frankfurt may be famous for its skyscrapers, but there’s more than meets the eye in Frankfurt’s green destinations.

The botanical collection showcases plants from across continents; making this park an excellent way to discover Frankfurt’s natural beauty and experience its culture.

Visitors to the park can stroll its two rolling stairways and admire its beautiful Balustrade walls depicting a Turkish chapel. Additionally, there is a shell grotto and dragon fountain. From spring through summertime, the park comes alive with beautiful blooming flowers!

Winter brings with it an array of lights illuminating the park, providing an ideal place for friends or families to visit and a breathtaking spectacle to witness.

People looking to experience the park on a guided tour have numerous options available to them, with Segway tours being one of them. Participants ride through the garden while learning its history from a local guide.

Bolongaro Garden hosts the Art in the Park exhibition for art enthusiasts to enjoy free of charge. You’ll see works by local artists as well as sculptures in its garden – including Totor from Japanese animation.

Frankfurt boasts a large Eritrean community, so it comes as no surprise that there are a host of high-quality Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants here. One such establishment is African Queen in Frankfurt’s Gutleutviertel neighborhood – its owner is a renowned singer in her home country; their food is absolutely divine! Perfect for trying traditional Eritrean dishes.

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