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How To Wear A Crossbody Belt Bag

If you do not like to carry a large bag on your shoulder, you can use a fanny/sling bag. There are various ways to wear this bag. You can wear it over your back or front or you can wear a cross body bag as a belt on your hips.

What Is a Belt Bag?

The small purse/bag having a strap or chain hanging on your waist is called a Belt Bag.

How to Wear a Crossbody Belt Bag

A crossbody belt bag can be worn in multiple stylish ways. Here are a few ways that you can adapt to wearing belt bags.

Around Your waist

This is the most obvious way to wear a crossbody belt bag. You tie the belt strap around your waist, and the bag’s pocket faces the front. This is really a stylish way to carry your important things right in front of your eyes. If you are wearing a common dress at home or at a party, you can use this style with a crossbody bag to look cool. If you are wearing a loose bag, you can use a belt bag to cinch your waist. This will cover your dress beautifully, and style will also be adopted.

As a Backup Bag

If you want to carry a lot of makeup accessories, you can adopt this Backup Bag style. In this style, you wear your regular purse and tie belt bag around your waist. This style looks stunning when there is a visual representation of style, logo, and matching patterns of both bags.

Over Your Shoulder

In this style, You wear a crossbody belt bag on your shoulder. You adopt this style when you are in a hurry.  You just throw the bag on your shoulder without caring about the style. You can easily pull off this bag. This style is best suited for people who do not have to walk a lot. This crossbody bag style is also fashionable at shopping places.

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Across Your Chest

Another stylish way to wear a crossbody belt bag is on the shoulder, above the chest. In this way, you do not put a burden on your arm or waist. It comes from one shoulder, and by strap crossing, you wear it on one side of the chest. This style is feasible for carrying your important essentials while walking. You can also enjoy front scenes without feeling a burden on your body.

As a Backpack

The crossbody belt bag can be worn on the shoulder, over your back. The main body of the bag faces towards your back and the strap comes over your shoulder. This style is mostly adopted by bicyclists and riders. Because it will not disturb the ride when coming in front again and again.


The Crossbody Belt bags can be worn with all of your clothes. However, you have to be selective in choosing the right style for the right event, such as at a shopping mall or at a party. Learn more about bags.

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