1Password acquires secrets management service SecretHub and launches Secrets Automation, a tool for companies to safeguard enterprise credentials. ( Paul Sawers / VentureBeat)

This news will blow you away. With this move, 1Password has officially become the leader of the password management world. And when you think about it, this makes perfect sense. We all have many passwords for different websites, services, and devices. But what happens when your account gets hacked or someone else has access to your email, social media, and web browsing information? If you don’tdon’t have a solution, you may expose yourself to a world of pain! This is where 1Password comes in. Millions of people worldwide use this app to ensure that every single online account they have is protected and secured with unique, strong, and secure passwords. This Acquisition is a big win for 1Password. In the past, 1Password was focused on individual users, while SecretHub was geared toward businesses. Now, 1Password has a product that integrates with every major cloud password manager. 

What is 1Password?

OnePassword, the startup acquired by Apple in June 2014, has now unveiled a new service called Secrets Automation. This tool enables businesses to safeguard sensitive data from attackers and keep it secure. This is all part of the company’s-company’s long-term vision to create a comprehensive, cross-platform password manager. The company has just launched Secrets Automation as an invite-only beta program for a small group of selected companies. 1Password is an application that allows you to store all your login credentials in one place, automatically filling in any form that requires login credentials. With the free version, you can create up to six passwords and keep them all in one safe place. Plus, 1Password remembers you, so if you sign into your web browser using a new computer, all your information and settings will automatically fill in without needing to type anything in.

How the Acquisition Helped 1Password?

After all the hard work, 1Password’s Acquisition by AuthenTec in March 2015 was a big surprise. It was a deal that made perfect sense at the time. It was a merger between two of the most successful and innovative startups in the password management space. The Acquisition also made AuthenTec a much larger company, which meant it could acquire another security company, Duo Security, that could provide AuthenTec with some much-needed scale. However, after 1Password’s Acquisition, the Acquisition failed to live up to AuthenTec’s expectations, and there needed to be more reason for AuthenTec to continue supporting 1Password.

How Does 1Password Work? 

1Password is a free browser plugin that is used by millions of people. It is a password management system that encrypts all passwords so they cannot be stored in plain text and are synced across multiple devices. It keeps your passwords in a vault to access them with a single master password. There are two versions of 1Password: the paid (1Password Pro) version and the free (1Password Lite) version. Both versions offer free accounts limited to six logins and three items saved within the vault.


In conclusion, 1Password acquired SecretHub last year to help expand its focus on secret management services. 1Password has integrated SecretHub into its apps and now offers a ” Secrets Automation” tool that lets users automate their secrets, such as credit card numbers and other personal information. SecretHub was the top secrets management service for developers. Still, the company says it was acquired for the technology and expertise to build out its new Secret Automation feature and expand its offerings in general.


1. How does 1Password’s Acquisition of SecretHub fit with the company’scompany’s strategy of developing its identity management solution? 

The Acquisition of SecretHub will help us provide users with the best password management experience.

2. Why did you decide to acquire SecretHub? 

The SecretHub team has developed an excellent product to help us serve our users better.

3. What’sWhat’s the benefit of acquiring SecretHub? 

We have a lot of experience in helping our users manage their passwords.

4. How will the Acquisition affect the SecretHub team? 

SecretHub’sSecretHub’s team is excited about joining 1Password, and we look forward to working together.

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